Being an experienced and innovative company in a branch of cryogenics, BEST Cryogenics sets trends in cryogenic and gaseous technology and provides uncommon solutions.

Our company develops cryogenic systems comprehensively, from the concept to the start up. We provide the best solution for our Customers, following the technical and financial data.

BEST installs the liquified gases regasification plants, using the waste cold energy recovery technology. It is based on the cooling heat exchanger, developed and patented by our company in 2014 (patent no: P.419772).

Moreover, we sale and deliver LNG with our own cryogenic transport. BEST also installs storage and regasification plants for LNG and liquified technical gases (O2, N2, CO2), in a European market. We lease LNG stations as well.

BEST provides the delivery and installation of cooling heat exchangers for regasification plants. Our company provides service for regasification plants, as well as gaseous systems. Finally, we carry out thermodynamical analyses of cryogenic systems as well, using thermovisual technologies for in-situ analysis.

Innovative cooling heat exchanger

Being an experienced company in cryogenics industry, BEST Systemy Grzewcze – as the only company in the European market – designed, patented, and finally implemented the system of the waste cold recovery from the liquid gas phase transition.

The cooling heat exchanger enables the recovery of cold energy from the regasification of the liquified agent. This energy can be used afterwards for production.

Regasification station, equipped with the cooling heat exchanger, provides higher energy conversion efficacy, using an energy which was earlier wasted by vaporizers.

Waste cold energy recovery using the cooling heat exchanger influences the lower electricity consumption. Therefore, customers are enabled to apply for a relief in an environmental fee. It also provides financial and ecological benefits.


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