In BEST Science, we do have innovation in our blood!

We do our best to develop and research emerging technologies, collaborating with technical universities and research centers in Poland, as well as taking part actively in conferences and trade fairs.

We are currently involved in the following research projects:

  • Innovative cryogenic cooling heat exchangers, 

  • Cutting-edge welding solutions,

  • Optical systems of gas measurement and detection,

  • Multispectral products scanning for quality control,

  • New ways of natural gas liquefaction,

  • Greater availability of electric vehicle charging stations,

  • Improved efficiency of hydrogen production, as far as electrolysis and steam methane reforming are concerned,

  • The experiments aimed at the influence of water with augmented amount of singlet oxygen on bacteria decomposing organic matter,

  • Ion implantation of metals.

We have been also an active member of Polish LNG Platform, The Chamber of Natural Gas Industry, and The Cluster of Hydrogen and Clean Coal Technologies. We do contribute to develop our industries.


ul. Towarowa 15, 58-100 Świdnica

(+48) 74 856 81 88

Mon-Fri: 7am-3pm



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