Completed investments

Water boiler plant - Sobienie Jeziory, near Warsaw


The fire of the heavy oil fuel-fired boiler plant was the reason of, earlier than expected, modernization. During only few minutes the main building, tools, as well as a part of nearby glasshouse were destroyed.

The first phase of work included the delivery of a heavy oil fuel-fired and GZ-50 natural gas-fired boiler (10 000 kW) and a gas-fired boiler (14 000 kW). The boiler with a capacity of 14 000 kW is equipped with an integrated stainless-steel economizer. It makes it possible for return water to transfer the heat waste. This solution improves the whole system, as well as controls the temperature. Therefore, it is the most suitable technology for feeding plants.
The fuel system (fuel oil storage tanks) was used for the new boiler. It is connected with a burner through heater tank, produced by BEST.
Processing system of the boiler was designed so as to install heat storage tank. This heat is being generated when CO2 is being produced. Then, the stored heat can be used for feeding plants, as well as for responding to temporary peak heat demands in glasshouse.

The heavy fuel oil-fired boiler was launched in December 2006. The installation and launch of natural gas-fired boiler is planned for October 2007 (gas supply is to be installed).

Currently, we are preparing for gas-fired boiler installation. We are also working on the design of heating system modernization, to make it the most compatible with the gas-fired boiler, the main heat source.

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