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Steam boiler plant - Kozietuły, near Grójec


The steam boiler plant, GZ-50 natural gas-fired and light fuel oil-fired, with a capacity of 4 800 kg/h and a pressure of 10 bar, for EMIG Company. Here, the process steam (1 600 kg/h) was being generated in a container boiler plant, light oil fuel-fired.

The modernization, taking part while the company was operating, included the installation of the steam boiler, with a capacity of 3 200 kg/h and a pressure of 10 bar, GZ-50 natural gas-fired, equipped with economizer. It was installed in a separate room. Moreover, the feed water production system and water purification station for the steam boiler were installed.
The expansion of the company was the reason of a higher demand for the process steam. Stainless steel pipelines, transferring the steam for machines and the old collector, were installed in a collector located in the new boiler plant.
As the new boiler plant was launched, the old steam boiler was moved from the container boiler plant to the new boiler plant. The oil storage tank was put in a place prepared by Investor (foundations). Currently, it is GZ-50 natural gas-fired boiler plant.
Two boilers, connected by a common collector, respond to the changing demand for steam. Both boilers may be also light fuel oil-fired.
The scope of work: materials delivery (apart from steam boiler and feed water production system) and installation.

Zakres wykonanych prac: dostawa materiałów (bez kotła parowego i modułu przygotowania wody zasilającej) z montażem.

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